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Firefigher Rosary • Rosary #44 • Wed, Feb 2, 2022

Firefigher Rosary — I had previously designed and made a Law Enforcement Rosary, so I found it natural to also make one for firefighters. And after a phone discussion with my long-time friend and college roommate Mark, whose son is a firefighter, I decided to make it happen. So I found these black and red 8mm glass beads at Hobby Lobby. I especially like the red beads as they have a slight black marbling in them. Mark had told me that St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters, so I found this cool red enamel pewter centerpiece that says, "St. Florian Protect Us". The crucifix is one I've used before, a bit larger than most others I've used. I also hung a firefighter helmet charm from the centerpiece (picture #7 shows other available charms). The chain and links are all silver-plated steel.

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