Rosary Garden

Rosary #81 • Sun, May 5, 2024

This is a simple, one decade rosary that I made for my best friend Bob. He's interested in learning about the Rosary and wants to start with something small. He likes earthtones, which was cool because I had just purchased a supply of these brown picture jasper beads, so I used them for the 10 Hail Mary beads. I had also just recently purchased some beige synthetic magnesite beads which contrasted perfectly, so I used one for the Our Father bead.

The crucifix is one of those neat, eye-catching crucifixes that I had purchased because I really liked, though I didn't yet know what to do with it. The front of the crucifix has the inscription, "JESUS NAZARENUS REX JUDAEORUM", Latin for, "Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews." The back has a small image of Jesus' heart with the horizontal inscription, "FATHER FORGIVE THEM," along with the vertical inscription, "BEHOLD THIS HEART WHICH HAS SO LOVED MEN." I've always respected Bob for his service in the Marine Corps, so I used a USMC charm on the other end. Semper Fi, my friend.