Rosary Garden

Rosary #73 • Mon, Oct 23, 2023

Last year I made rosary #57 to donate to the silent auction at the kermiss being held by the Belgian Heritage Center in Brussels, WI. The rosary was fashioned after the colors of the Belgian flag. A woman there saw my rosary and asked me to make a custom rosary for her to give to her Belgian husband as a gift.

Several national flags share the same colors of black, yellow, and red, but the Belgian flag's stripes run vertical with the black stripe being nearest the flagpole. So, the six Our Father beads are silver to match the color of a flagpole. The 53 Hail Mary beads are glass, a mix of black, yellow, and red, with black always being the closest to the silver beads. The chain and links are silver plated. It has an ornate crucifix with a St. Joseph centerpiece.

I also found a charm with the Walloon rooster on it. This was a special rosary to make.