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Law Enforcement Rosary • Rosary #41 • Sun, Dec 26, 2021

Law Enforcement Rosary — My friend and former coworker, Maddy, commented on my Dec 20 live YouTube video saying that rosary #40 reminded her of a Facebook group called Covering The Blue, where members show support and love for our law enforcement using their knitting skills. So, even though I don't knit, I joined the group, and quickly decided to make this rosary with colors indicative of my support for our men and women in blue.

The Hail Mary beads are a black lava bead with an interesting texture. The Our Father beads are lapis lazuli (blue stone). I've used both of these before. Just for some additional contrast, I replaced two black beads in each decade with blue ones. It's not easy to put a "thin blue line" in a rosary, but I think these colors work well. The crucifix is a larger one, kind of tough-feeling, while the centerpiece features St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of law enforcement.

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