Rosary Garden

Rosary #37 • Mon, Nov 8, 2021

Before I retired from St. Norbert College in October 2021, Donny, a coworker of mine, asked me if I'd make him a rosary. What an honor! He liked the beads I used on rosary #20, so I started with those as a base. The Hail Mary beads are lapis lazuli, which means stone blue. The Our Father beads are white howlite. The centerpiece is pretty cool, an image of Mary with baby Jesus; the blue matches so well. And Donny picked out the crucifix, made of black wood with a metal frame. This rosary has some weight to it, quite masculine. Donny chose these colors because they are his high school colors. I love that sentiment, since I've also made a couple of rosaries based on my own high school colors.