Rosary Garden

Rosary #21 • Sun, Jan 3, 2021

These are multi-colored 8mm ceramic beads; another example of a situation where I just saw the beads and had to have them. I considered matching them with a solid colored bead (tried black, turquoise, etc), but then noticed that not only were there not many red-colored beads in this batch, but the red ones kind of stood out. So I decided to separate out the red ones for the 6 Our Father beads, while the 53 Hail Mary beads are just a random mix with varying shades of brown, green, blue, and gold. I love the shine on these beads. The centerpiece is a solo image of Mary, while the crucifix is also simple and traditional.

UPDATE: After completing this rosary, it just reminded me of my sister Debbi. So she now has it.